Conference Session: Intrapersonal Conflict Resolution: A New Approach in the Treatment of Binge Eating Disorder

Dr. Howard Farkas is the founder and president of Chicago Behavioral Health, LLC. He is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been working and teaching in the field for over 25 years. Dr. Farkas is on the faculty of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, where he teaches a course entitled “Motivation and Self-control in Health Behavior.”

In his clinical practice, Dr. Farkas specializes in the treatment of emotional eating and binge eating disorder. Based on his experience treating the behavior, he has developed a theoretical model to explain the motivation for it, as well as an innovative approach to treatment that has been very effective in helping patients to achieve a quick and lasting end to their compulsive overeating by addressing the underlying motivation.

Dr. Farkas’s approach to the treatment of binge eating integrates aspects of theories in social psychology, including self-determination theory, psychological equilibration, and reactance theory, together with therapeutic approaches that emphasize the importance of autonomy support in therapy. Dr. Farkas presents his treatment approach in his workshop, Intrapersonal Conflict Resolution, which is based on the principles that he outlines in his forthcoming book, Eight Keys to Ending Emotional Eating from W.W. Norton, due out in 2017. Preordering information is available at the Chicago Behavioral Health website.

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